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2019. 06. 16.

Brother Berzlánovich defended his National Championship title, and had to do it in his head and concentration.

They had to stand up after losing their first game, struggling dramatically to work their way up against the rivals.

The transaction system did not favor them, as it did not give them any chance of a mistake or omission. He even weighed in on the brackets by taking their regular season points against the semi-finals qualifying for the final 4 games.

Everyone would love to start with a clean hand in the playoffs, but this system wasn't like that right now.

They managed to overcome the disadvantage in an unbelievable way, and the finale did not hold much excitement for the Rimar / Nagy pair. Against them, the 5: 3 match played is more exciting.

The performance of Attila Berzlánovich, who shot about 95%, should be highlighted throughout the day (especially in the final). His shot was almost non-existent. I do not think anyone has seen such a performance in a doubles match. (Watch the videos at

Congratulations to Zsolt Rimár and Péter Nagy for the second place, and Attila Gelics and László Meggyesi for the third place.
Congratulations to the best female couple who became Klara Soós and Dóra Solomon.

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