Colibri crokinole

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Table Structure


The play area (light brown part) is a circular board with a hole (20) in the middle. The concentric circles divide the playing field into three fields, the value of which increases to the middle hole (20 points) (5, 10 and 15 points). The outer 5-point field is divided into four equal parts by the quadrant lines, the outer line of the 'bounded' line being the baseline or the line of shoot. On the boundary line of the innermost 15-point field, 8 rubber stops are located at the same distance from each other, which make the movement of the discs difficult or helpful. The ditch falls out of the playing field and the discs stop at the baseline after the shot. the collection point for discs that have been put into play and must be removed.


Game Rules

A match usually consists of four games. A game means the 8-8 or (6-6-6-6) discs. The number of discs depends on whether the game is individual or even.


Starting and Seating:

In the individual game, players start playing games (A - B - A - B) alternately. In a couple of games, everyone will start playing. (A1 - B1 - A2 - B2). (A and B denote opponents.) In a couple of games, the right to start a game is always clockwise. Players are entitled to alternate shooting right after the start of the game.


Game play:

After the game starts and until it is finished, players will no longer be able to move the board and their chairs. You can only access the table by the current player. Players alternately try to shoot their pucks in the most valuable fields of the game field or to punch the 20 hole (flip) so that they can even deflect the opponent's discs from the playing field.


Shooting rules:

Each shot must be triggered so that the disc touches the shooting line in the shooter's quarter, or in the case of a side shot, touch the quadrant line between the shooting line (in any quarter) and the quarter of the shooter.


The free shot


If there is no foreign disc on the playing field, then the shooter is obliged to shoot his disc by a shot or one of his discs on the playing field in field 15 (or hole 20) after his movement is at least field 15 touch the line. If this fails, the disc (and any other discs on the bumper) must be removed from the playing field and placed in the ditch. If the puck is in the middle hole (20) at the end of the shot, it must be removed and placed in the 20th collection until the end of the game.


A mandatory collision shot


One of the most important rules of the game is that you always have to touch the player's shot (if there is one) on the player's field. If the opponent has one or more discs on the playing field, the next player must shoot that one of his puck on a playing field collides with at least one "stranger" on the playing field. If this fails, the disc must be removed from the playing field and placed in the ditch, and if the shooter does not collide with the opponent's disc on the playing field, but has encountered his own (or teammate) disc on the playing field, then these discs are also dealt with. to the ditch.


The goal is to hit one of the player's puck with the opponent's puck on the field so that his puck will land on the most valuable field or in the 20 hole. After a regular collision, only those discs that stop touching the most extreme baseline (line) or in the 20s hole should be removed from the board.



The disc inserted into hole 20 must be removed from hole 20 and immediately approved by the player whose hole is placed in hole 20 (fixed point which is no longer deductible). The 20 tray tray or other storage aids are designed to help with this credit. The points on the other discs are credited after the last disc has been pushed. On the basis of these, the score is scored at the end of each game, where the winner receives 2 points based on the score of the counted discs, the loser gets 0 points, and the score is 1-1 points. The winner is the one who collects most points. For beginner or child players, of course, it may be (and not always) for each rule and it is also advisable to make concessions (move your chair or stand up; re-cast with a particular disc).


Scoring sheet:



For more information on the rules, please visit the website of the Hungarian Crokinole Association.


Safety instructions!

Not recommended for children under 3 years of age because they contain small parts that are easy to swallow! Choking dangerous! For children under 6 years of age, use only under adult supervision.




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