Colibri crokinole

Dear reader!

fotóI am Attila Berzlánovich, crokinole player and entrepreneur. In 2016, I started to get acquainted with the Crokinole board game. After half a year of practice, I thought I would try myself in the race, as it turned out that there is already an Association of Sport and Technical Sport in Hungary. In the first race I won first place in the rookie category and in the complex I got the 3rd place. After a short time, I won the Hungarian tournament in a row and in 2018 I managed to win the First Open Europe Championship in singles category (in Doubles: 2nd place with my brother).

In the spring of 2018, I was formulated to produce tables that meet today's requirements. I have had experience since I have spent many (thousands) hours with Crokinole, practicing. After one year of hard work and experimentation, I managed to create a table of all aspects based on my own requirements. I made a lot of innovations so that all the required parameters are the same as the competition tables. Still, it was more comfortable to play or play on this board because in many ways I upgraded it to comfort features. I hope you can arouse your interest in the game or sport and may also welcome you as a buyer once. Please feel free to look at our website!